How to Clean Granite

A sparkling granite countertop surface after cleaning and sealing.
Granite shines after a cleaning and sealing.

Granite is the second hardest stone in the world. The first: diamonds.

Cleaning granite is easy.  It can handle many different cleaners.  Always test a cleaner in a small area to make sure it does not hurt the stone.

We recommend using Mira Clean #1 made by Miracle Sealants as your daily cleaner.  You can mix two cap fulls in a spray bottle and fill with water and wipe down all stone surfaces with out rinsing.  If you need to deep clean follow the directions on the bottle and make sure to rinse.

If you need to use an antibacterial cleaner you can, but test an area first and remember that it will wear down the sealer sooner than one made for granite. We recommend using those cleaners sparingly.

We recommend you seal the granite every 12 to 15 months using 511 Impregnator also made by Miracle Sealants.  It is easy to apply, just follow the directions on the container.  We apply it with a soft damp cloth and allow it to absorb for a few minutes. Then use a dry clean cloth to buff off any extra sealer.  The FDA says 30 minutes to dry and 72 hours before you can put food directly on the surface.  If you see a milky haze on the stone after sealing it has dried — just apply more sealer to re-activate the sealer and buff off right away.

You will know when it is time to reseal if water does not puddle on the surface.

You can find Miracle Sealants products on-line or at Home Depot. Oregon Tile and Marble also carries these cleaners & sealers (they are a wholesaler but they will sell these products direct to consumers as well).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.